Friday, November 17, 2017

15 November 2017
Dear Owners,

Greetings from the Joint Management Committee with best wishes to each and every one of you. You would have noticed the many changes which have taken place over the years since the inception of JMB Bay View Villas in 2008. As promised during the early days under the stewardship of the then Chairman Dr. Chong Yee Wah, the JMB had promised to do its best to restore the building blocks to its original condition after the sad turn of events prior to 2008.

The painting of the blocks, the swimming pool repairs due to severe leakages, the restoration of full service lifts, the repair and servicing of its major pumps, the upgrading of its fighting equipment, the replacement of broken doors, the upgrading of its common area facilities such as the washrooms, office areas and garbage rooms, the plugging of roof top leaks are just some of the many huge responsibilities shouldered by the JMB over the 9 years.

The sustainability of the sprawling building blocks consisting of 500 units is indeed a challenge and these are no easy tasks and may I add that without the remarkable team spirit shown by the JMB committee members, all these changes that have taken place would not have been possible. Sustaining and keeping the momentum going is no easy task and it must be a joint responsibility. I thereby humbly ask as many of you to attend the next AGM to lend your support to the committee and participate in making Bay View Villas as part of your long-term investment. The JMC is looking for members and volunteers to help provide advice and guidance for its future endeavors. As many of you may also be aware, strata titles are being applied for and some of you have successfully received them and a new Management Corporation will be set up in the next few months.

As the current Chairman of JMB Bay View Villas, I sincerely hope, many of you will come forward during the AGM to offer your services and the present committee members will help you familiarize with the exciting developments taking place at Bay View Villas.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Prabah Narayanan,
Chairman, JMB Bay View Villas Condo

15th November, 2017

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