Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick Summary of December 14, 2008 Gathering @ BVV


Once again, thank you All who have taken time off to be with us at this meeting. The attendance could have been better if our Singaporean friends were able to come. Well we hope to get in touch with them soon. While awaiting for our next minutes of meeting to be sent off, here are the key issues discussed.

a) Elected committee members were reminded to avail themselves at all future JMB meetings whilst all owners are most welcomed to join in. Notice of meeting will be made known to all through this site,
b) Members were informed to study financial reports prepared by Hokawai and forward questions (if any) to JMB
c) Improving of present financial standing is key to the success in maintaining & upkeep of BVV
d) Members are advised to make prompt monthly maintenance payment effective Jan 2009
e) Target to improve present 153 'quality' payers to ~200
f) Hokawai to ensure 'payment history' checked before issuing reminders/calls or removal of utilities meters
g) Hokawai to revert with recommendation on setting up of an 'In-house BVV' management office
h) BVV house rules will be implemented soon
i) To publish a complete list of owners to faciliate contact / network / collection
j) Next gathering likely in March 2009 when financial statement ending 2008 is ready.


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  1. If more owners pay up their dues, there will be sufficient fund to upgrade the facade and common facilities of Bayview Villas thus raising the value and potential of this strategically located development.

    Let's support the committee, play our part and work together to make this happen.

    A voice from Singapore.


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