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24 November, 2008

Inaugural Message from the Chairman of Bay View Villas Condominium Joint Management Body (JMB)

Greetings To All Owners,

To most of us, this has been a long awaited occasion for a JMB to be established. Well, it is finally here. The 1st Annual General Meeting of the Bay View Villas Condominium Joint Management Body (“JMB”) was convened on 10 May 2008 pursuant to the AKTA BANGUNAN DAN HARTA BERSAMA (maintenance & management) 2007 (AKTA663), sub-section 7(2) and was approved by the Commissioner of Buildings (COB) with the issuance of a certificate (Series No:005) dated 4 November 2008.

On behalf of the Joint Management Body (JMB), I take this opportunity to introduce to you the following office bearers (Joint Management Committee – “JMC”) whom we have put together in accordance to the provision stipulated in the same article as mentioned above at last election held on 10th May, 2008 at Port Dickson. As provided in the Act, JMC members are elected to perform the duties of the JMB. The JMC shall also consist of the Developer (in this case, the Liquidators) as a member.

To mention briefly, the duties of the JMB as set out in Section 8 of the Act includes the followings:-
(a) to properly maintain the common property and keep it in a state of good and serviceable repair;
(b) to determine and impose charges that are necessary for the repair and proper maintenance of the common property;
(c) to comply with any notices or orders given or made by local authorities or any competent public authority requiring the abatement of any nuisance on the common property, or ordering repairs or other work to be done in respect of the common property or other improvements to the property; and
(d) to ensure that the Building Maintenance Fund is audited and to provide audited financial statements to the purchasers.

The Act also provides the JMB with powers to collect from the purchasers the maintenance and management charges, and to recover from any purchasers any sums expended.

In brief, we had our first inaugural JMC meeting on 9 November 2008 at Port Dickson followed by our 2nd JMB meeting on November 21, 2008 at Hokawai’s Office, Kuala Lumpur. For more details, please refer attached minutes of meeting. Going forward, I am seeing this as a historic time for owners of Bay View Villas. For the first time, we are able to represent ourselves at this level so that our voices be heard and acted upon. Our unspeakable experiences with Cempaka Mewah Sdn Bhd – In Liquidation and the past Property Manager have not been forgotten but we believe that with much concerted effort from all of us as a community, this resort will be revived and be given a new lease of life.

On this note, I would also like to record my gratitude to KPMG (Liquidators) and Hokawai Sdn Bhd (Property Manager) for their supervision and safe-keeping to our properties since their participation in 2004, otherwise the condition could have been worse. Nevertheless, the JMC has affirmed to our Property Manager that much work has to been done, for example on GENERAL SECURITY to begin with. I would like to stress that in the interest of our family safety, and security from the intrusion of strangers trespassing into our compound, strict security measures and checks must be imposed at all times without compromise. A newly revised HOUSE RULES shall be implemented soon to further safe guard the common facilities from being vandalized, to contain ‘uninvited guests’ as well as unlawful activities within the premises. However we assure you that this will not burden owners who have engaged caretakers to maintain their respective units but nevertheless basic house rules must be adhered to.

To kickoff, I am delighted to inform you of our very first ‘OWNERS’ CARE MEETING CUM GATHERING to be held on 14 December 2008, Sunday 5.00pm, at Bay View Villas poolside.
You and your family members are cordially invited to meet up with fellow owners to further discuss and understand our future plan of actions inclusive of our many Singaporean friends. Refreshment will be served. Henceforth, I truly urge all owners to take time off to join us at this gathering so as to give your support and feedbacks in determining how you want this resort to be managed. I look forward welcoming professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, Architects and others to be part of the team too. So if there’s going to be one overarching theme for this first inaugurated JMB, it's going to be to give all owners of Bay View Villas a reason for hope with aspiration in renewing and restoring our properties. So give yourself a chance simply because WE BELIEVE WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT in transforming this resort into a better and a livable place for all.

Thank you again for your kind support and hope to see you all soon.

Yours sincerely

Chong Yee Wah
JMC Bay View Villas

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