Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Revival @ Bay View Villa Condominium

Greetings All Owners,

The JMB Committee brings you greetings and good news as we are making some progress after we took over the building management from Hokawai. We are pleased to inform that Mr Maniam A. has been recently appointed as our Resident Manager (Unit B-3-5 : Temporary BVV Project Office), overseeing the every day affairs of our BVV premise. He is formerly our Treasurer, as some of you might have met him in our last JMB meeting, while Mr Lee Kok Wai, a JMB committee member has been appointed to fill the Treasurer' position.

Several renovation works are in progress such as fencing up the back of BVV premise (separating from our neighbour Straits View), repairing of roof leakages at club house, setting up BVV new project office at club house and many more that are of urgent need. Meantime we have also replaced our Security Guards to tighten our security measures around our premise.

Not forgetting, our 2nd AGM is just around the corner, that is, June 27, 2009 Saturday 4pm. Notice of AGM shall be sent out by mail in the next few days. If you dont receive any, do not be discouraged because your mailing addresses might have changed since. So do come early with your family so that we all have time to know each other better, update us your corresponding address and share us your experiences on how we can all better manage BVV going forward. I would also like to urge all owners to come prepared to discuss pending issues on payments on maintenance etc. JMB Committee is prepare to work with you to resolve any outstanding issues pertaining to payments, but do remember to bring along all relevant document for our further action. So see you then.

Should you need further information, you may contact me at:

Dr Chong Yee Wah, hp 012 201 3820 or

Chairman, BVV

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  1. Appreciate the BVV blogger site put up, Dr Chong. Will be visiting this site now & then for new update. Hoping & praying for better and better news on BVV. - owner


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