Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Visit to Bay View Villas during CNY, 25-27 Jan 2009


A very happy Chinese New Year to fellow members of the BVV community. In the last OWNERS’ CARE Meeting the committee has promised to look into various issues raised by the attendees as regards to the well-being of the BVV. For example, I remember Dr Ahmad reminding the committee’s responsibility to look after the full-paying members first as they were the ones who ‘suffer’ the most. I made a trip to BVV from the 25th of January till the 27th of January and these are my observations.

I arrived at about 12 pm on the 25th of January and the guard duly allowed me to enter by releasing the boom gate but he did not take down my particulars until I alerted him to do so. Subsequent cars were checked and their number plates were taken down in a log-book but again in the evening one side of the entrance was blocked and the other cars were allowed free passage. The security guard complained that the boom gate remote was not working and he had to release it manually and I was thinking it is a good thing, otherwise he would probably be dozing off.


On the same day, I parked my car at B-Block and saw around a hundred cars parked neatly around the 3 blocks. On that day, the lift at B-Block broke down twice. I saw large families waiting for the lifts to be repaired. The able-bodied ones walked up on their own but those who stayed on the upper floors and with kids decided to wait for the repairman. The repairman arrived 25 minutes after he was alerted and the work took another 15 minutes to the joy of those who planned to stay the entire day or two. Hats off to those who were patient enough to wait amidst murmurs of discontent. I spoke to some of my fellow sufferers and they told me the same thing occurs whenever there is a large volume of traffic (human that is) using the lifts and I would recommend stationing a full time repairman during peak periods .During peak periods, I also noticed many children playing with the lift buttons and their parents were nowhere nearby. This is a real hazard. Some youngsters were smoking and spilling ashes all over. I also noticed that the lift in block B had the button-panel exposed on the upper side and wires can be seen. This is dangerous as mischief makers can fiddle with it. Lifts at Blocks A and C were not affected on that day and seemed to work fine during the two days. However, I urge those staying on those blocks to report to the committee if they find the lift maintenance service dissatisfactory. Feedback is very important to us in the committee, so I urge the paying residents to get to know the committee members.


Upon arrival until the end of my two-day stay, the swimming pool was a sorry sight. The water was murky but the holiday-makers seemed not to mind it. The maintenance office told me that the JBA were doing some works the previous day and this resulted in the pool being in that state. The shower rooms and the toilets were not too bad. But the sauna room lights were switched on, the door was termite attacked and we need the management to seal off this room immediately as it is not only an ugly sight but can cause short-circuits.


Throughout my stay, I saw the cleaners doing a good job, the corridors were reasonably clean. The tennis court was clean and the surrounding bay area and the car parks were also reasonably clean with rubbish neatly piled up for disposal. The barbeque pit area was however not as good as it should be. On my last day, the 27th of January, the lift lobby on the ground floor of Block B was not cleaned in the morning and the lift was also littered with cigarette butts. It took two calls to the management office to get the cleaners to do the job and it was finally done at about three in the afternoon.


On the 26th of January, the treasurer, Mr.Maniam met up with me at 11.30am to discuss some issues with Mr.Syem

Why is our water-bill so high? Not identified the reasons but Syem suspects it could be the bulk meter and promised to meet up with the JBA officials to see if we can get some refund. A new bulk meter costs around 5000 ringgit. On my last day, I noticed that there was a leakage in the fire hydrant near the bay. I immediately called Syem and he said that it was some time that the hydrant was releasing some water. I urge other members to keep a lookout for any external leakages. In the meantime, Syem promised to call the BOMBA officials to repair the hydrant.
The handing of the accounts were discussed. The opening of the accounts is an urgent issue and all committee members are advised to contact the Chairman, Secretary or Mr. Syem for the next meeting .Mr Maniam expressed his reservations regarding the outstanding debts that will be inherited by the JMB.
At our last meeting, we had about 153 members who were on good standing, that is, promptly paying their maintenance fees and we hope more will do so, as we need the funds to make the necessary repairs and payments of essential bills. For instance, Mr Syem tells us that we owe the security company a few months of payments.
Mr. Syem says that all complaints on the comment forms distributed at the last owners’ care meeting were being looked into but he needs the assistance of the complainants to push for it and to meet him personally especially during weekends. Prior appointments are necessary. Complainants are also urged to pay up all outstanding fees as this is very important if the JMB is to function effectively
We enquired about the list of caretakers. Mr.Syem says that at present there are about 7 caretakers who take care of about 30 units at BVV. A meeting with the caretakers was suggested so that we could streamline their activities in an orderly manner. He suspects that some of them have not been paying their maintenance charges.


My visit during this peak Chinese New Year period was actually a planned one to see what really happens during such busy periods. I urge fellow residents to make their observations and provide some feedback to me. This is important if we want to make BVV stand out as one of the preferred destinations at PD. I know, at the moment, things do not look so good but let us all put our heads together and do something instead of just waiting for things to happen. Believe me, it will only happen if you and us work together. Dr. Chong, Mr.Maniam, Ms.Patsy, and myself have been working very hard with hardly any resources and we are proud of the job. So please feel free to join us with your suggestions. Remind one another to visit our blogsite at least once a week.


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